Monday, January 13, 2014

First Smoke: Boston Butt

Hi. I'm Dave. I've spent about a year watching BBQ shows and researching it on different forums and stuff. This blog is just a way for me to keep a BBQ journal of my first year of smoking low and slow. Hopefully there will be lots of pictures.

I got a MES 30(Masterbuilt Electric Smoker, 30") for Christmas, along with some heavy duty meat cooking gloves and a giftcard to grab some meat from Wal-Mart. I got a Smithfield Boston butt, some aluminum pans, a couple airtight plastic canisters to hold rubs, and some of the spices we didn't have.

The night before the smoke I seasoned the MES to burn out all the factory grease. While that was going on I made my rub. I didn't get too complicated:

Equal parts Coarse Kosher Salt and Black Pepper.

Some Onion Powder(granulated is best).

Some Garlic Powder(granulated is best).

A bunch of Smoked Paprika.

Check out the Aaron Franklin video to the right, about 30 seconds in he makes a rub and I basically just copied it.

I got out the 9.3lb butt and immediately forgot to both (a) rinse/dry off the butt and (b) forgot to put on the coat of olive oil before rubbing the first side. I got it all rubbed and wrapped up in clingwrap and left it in the fridge overnight.

The next morning I got the smoker heated up and ready for a 6:30 start. I added a layer of brown sugar to the top(fatty) side of the butt and smoked it in an aluminum pan. After 3 hours at 275 degrees I foiled over(not wrapped) the butt and added some apple juice.

After 7 hours in the smoker it hit 190 internal temp so I moved it to the oven for 4 hours(still at 275). I had to sleep because I didn't line up the start of the smoke with the start of my day, so that was another lesson I learned. After four hours I pulled the butt(205 internal temp) and let it rest for about 30-40 minutes. The bone slid out and I pulled the thing apart with my gloves and a fork.

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